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Who We Are

Our company name Obuntu is derived from an old bantu word meaning - the essence of being human – essentially Freedom and Dignity and the fact we are all Connected.

Our company name Obuntu is also our business philosophy – Connectedness, Dignity and Freedom to all who come in contact with our Services.

Obuntu Services


We enable Governments, NGOs and businesses focus on what really matters - the human to human touch and better deliver on their objectives.


Data is exploding, but that data is meaningless and useless if the right tools to analyses and represent it effectively are not available.

Monitoring and Notifications

Map, monitor, track and get real-time alerts of whatever assets and processes that are critical to achieving the task at hand.

Continuous Information Streaming

Our CIS service enable thousands of people coupled with millions of gadgets to provide continuous information about the state of a desired item.

How We Do What We Do

OPDSA, our methodology is based on the classic PDCA- Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle but with an "O" for Observe before the "P" and an "S" for Study (that is analyze) instead of check.

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